Will This Year Be Your First Year of $100K+ Year In Business Yet? 

Learn how to customize simple, and super effective evergreen business model that attract your ideal clients to your offer, while mastering the sales skills with confidence without being pushy or salesy, and scale 2X, or 3X your conversion rates with building great funnels. Now is your chance to join my group coaching program "Your Map To Leads and Sales" and automate your marketing process and get those hot leads rolling in every single day without doing more!

You wake up every morning with plans and strategies on how to post, engage, and do so much more on different social media platforms in efforts to promote and grow your business, but after all these work, you still didn't see any positive results... 

And every day you come in contact with thousands of potential clients who are ready to work with you or buy from you, but have fews objections that your systems would have helped then overcome, but the bad news is, you don't have any systems in place to do the job for you and as a result of that, your loss out on those sales.

Here's my question for you... For how long do you intend to continue like this?

The success of your business depends on your response to this question.

Here's The Bitter Truth Most Entrepreneurs Don't Want To Hear

The truth is that the structure of your business is the most important aspect of running and scaling a successful business.

Most times entrepreneurs are afraid to work on the technical side of their business because as an entrepreneur, you think the front end of the business is where the sales happens, but no. Honestly, Your business should be like a house. If your house have a solid foundation, then your house will withstand all the trials of time. Likewise your business. Good foundation = Money & Time.

Have you ever wondered how all the business owners you've listened to always says they made 100k this month, 90k last month, but you keep asking yourself how did they manage to do it all? There is no surprise because they have good systems in place. That's just the truth. All the productive people you know all have one thing in common, they don't reinvent the wheel everyday, no, they figure out the best and most efficient way to do every business task, and create a system to do it for them.

If your business doesn’t have a strong system in place, all your social media postings and others are useless. In other to take advantage of your social media postings and engagements, you need a system in place.

The Only Thing every Business Owner Wants is, Consistent Sales, Right?

I've had an online business for over 10 years and within that period, I've seen so many changes when it comes to how marketing and sales strategies are done. We started with newspaper Ads, T.v Ads/shoutouts, word of mouth, sharing flyers, and more.

Now we are in the social media era where we have fancy teams like content marketing, influencer Ads, inbound marketing, social media strategy, email list building, lead generation, sales funnels, marketing strategy to name a few, but the truth still remains that every business needs a way to consistently attract and convert people into clients and that's where I come into the picture.

As a Social media marketing strategist, my job is to make my clients job easier by crafting out strategies, systems and automation that work for their individual businesses because the success of their business is heavily tied to the effectiveness of their marketing funnels.

Kate Nnonyelu


The question my clients have is how to keep automation simple and yet effective?

I have a good news for you...

The truth is that, your funnels and systems does not have to be complicated for it to be effective.

As a Social media marketing strategist, my job is to make my clients job easier and I have found a proven process that teaches you how to build simple and effective automation and systems that work for your business. Since clients are the bread and butter of every business, streamlining your business and systems will save you time and money.

That's how I came up with "Your Map To Leads And Sales."



Your Map To Leads And Sales Is your blueprint to build a profitable business using your phone & your fingertips. This is a 16-week sales foundation and automation group coaching program. This program is for you if you want to continuously make money in your business without doing too much. Because you will learn every single step of my tested and proven evergreen business model that helps you automate as many business tasks as possible, or automate your entire business with just 3 to 4 softwares so you can save yourself hours of work each day and save your sanity.

Your Map To Leads And Sales is the BEST group coaching program that focuses on online marketingAdssales funnelsautomations, and building real relationships with your audience, your own way and generate unlimited leads, make more sales, and excel on autopilot.

You will learn how to create simple and effective systems & workflows that works for you and your business needs to generate continuous growth and make consistent sales, even in your sleep. You will also have instant access to all my secret to consistent sales, my templates, and more!

How does that sound?

Kate Nnonyelu

Kate Nnonyelu

I am your social media strategy QUEEN and entrepreneur. I help you build 6+ figures business even faster through social media, by teaching you how to generate unlimited leads, make more sales, funnels and system, so you can excel on autopilot.

Kate Nnonyelu - CEO

What Our Clients Are Saying

"My business has changed for the better."

Kate, you are an amazing coach and I am happy that I made this investment. My business has changed for the better. Thank you, I will tell everyone I know about you!

Jill - Business Coach

"For showing me how to grow my website traffic" 

Thank you Kate for all the tips, and showing me how to grow my website traffic through optimizing my Pinterest boards and pins.

Tonia Smith - E-commerce

"Now I am making double the amount I was making."

I was struggling with my website traffic. Kate taught me how to use social media to drive traffic to my website and now I am making double the amount I was making. Thank you Kate!

Tom S. - virtual assistant

Here's The (Video & Written) Weekly Breakdown Of What You Are Going To Learn Inside "Your Map To Leads And Sales" Group Coaching Program.

Week 1

Successful Boss Mindset 

Week 2

Defining Your Audience 

Week 3

Social Media Selling 

Week 4

Sales Strategy 

Week 5

Content Strategy 

Week 6

Apps & Tools

Week 7

Marketing Strategy 

Week 8

Marketing Strategy 

Week 9

Growth Strategy 

Week 10

Lead Magnet 

Week 11

Lead Magnet 

Week 12


Week 13

Opt-In Page(s)

Week 14

Email Sequence 

Week 15

Email Sequence 

Week 16

Systems & Automation 

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Scale Your 6+ Figure Business Faster and Better

Program main features

Taking action is the most important part of scaling your business, and there is no better time to start taking actions and add more ZEROS to your bank account RIGHT NOW!

benefit 1

Not going through this journey alone, and learning from someone who knows what you are struggling with. 


Master how to customize simple, and super effective evergreen business model that attract your ideal clients to your offer.


Learn how to take advantage of your social media platforms to drive people to your offers, website, freebies, or blog post.


You’ll get access to my video lessons which will allow you to watch over my shoulder while I show you step by step how to build a real 6+ figure business 


Gain access to all the efficiency tools that will help you automate your entire business with just 3 to 4 software.


Master the sales skills with confidence without being pushy or salesy, and scale 2X, or 3X your conversion rates with building great funnels. 

The Investment 

It's time to master the sales skills with confidence without sounding pushy or salesy, scale 2X, or 3X your conversion rates with building great funnels, and get those hot leads rolling in every single day without hustling on social media 24/7 and bring in the cash instead of running a business that leaves you feeling rundown and worn-out.

One Time Payment



$5,000.00 Due at Checkout 

Two Time Payment



$2,750.00 Due at Checkout 


Is your blueprint to build a profitable business using your phone & your fingertips.


  • You’re overwhelmed by the fact that you can not take a break or go on vacation without your business come crashing down
  • You're ready to set the right foundation so you never go broke again 
  • You want to use social media to convert your cold audience/followers to hot leads and clients
  • You're frustrated with your lack of sales and steady revenue despite all your efforts
  • You're tired of making effort and not seeing any results
  • You’re ready to learn and take action on a process that is guaranteed to work only if you are
  • You are overwhelmed and need a step by step guide to build your Money Making Machine.


  • You’re looking for a quick fix 
  • You want a get rich quick strategy
  • You don't have at least 10 hours a week to invest in your business growth 
  • You're not ready for success

The Best Time To Build Automation & Systems Was YESTERDAY, And The Next Best Time is TODAY.

What Makes "Your Map To Leads And Sales" Different

If you are overwhelmed with how your business is going and your goal is to make this year your first year of $100k+ year in business? Then, Your Map To Leads And Sales is your chance to crush your goal, learn everything you need to know about building an evergreen business, so you can excel on autopilot.

There's no doubt that the world is going digital rapidly and Your Map To Leads And Sales group coaching program is the answer you need to reach more prospective clients and help them solve their burning problems and change their  world, one client at a time.

Our Clients In Their Own Words

Kate Nnonyelu's testimonials

Bet on yourself today, and build the business of your dreams.


You are solely responsible for your success! I and my team will provide you with everything promised inside "Your Map To Leads And Sales" group coaching program, but your results depends 100% on your desire to succeed and take actions.

Any earnings, income statements, or examples shared through out our website are only estimates of what might be possible in your business now or in the future.