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The Secret of Starting An Online Business With Ease In JUST 3 Days

The only challenge you need to learn the secret on how to start a legal online business without overthinking the process in JUST 3 days.

What You'll Learn From This Challenge 

  • How to come up with a great business name that will give your audience the vibe you want.
  • How to streamline a legal business plan that has answers to all your business needs
  • How to sell your story.
  • Gain a brand new mindset about how to start and growing a successful business.
  • How to setup your business visibility strategy.
  • How to buy domain name, web hosting, branding, marketing, and more.
3 day challenge by Kate Nnonyelu

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Daily Breakdown Of The Challenge


Day 1 - Intro and Picking A Business Name

This is day 1 of our challenge and in this module, we'll be covering all the process of picking a name, research methods, and making it legal.


Day 2 - Business Plan 

In today's training, you will learn all you need to know about having a business plan as a new business owner and at the end of this module, you will be able to write your first business plan as a business owner.


Day 3 - Visibility and Storytelling Strategy

This is day 3 and last day of this wonderful challenge, you will learn how to sell your story, and your business visibility strategy. Congratulations for coming this far.

Apps And Software Used In This Course

Take a look at the recommend apps and software used in this course below, if you are already using similar apps and software, then that's fine, but if you want to go with the exact apps and software I go over in this course, then you will want to get these here:

Content Creation

Canva Logo

Page Builder

Thrive Themes

Email Provider


We also go over a few other apps, software, and tools, including

Amazing Benefits Of Joining This Challenge Now

Benefit #1

This challenge and the workbooks will be your BLUEPRINT to build a profitable business using your phone & your fingertips.

Benefit #2

You will be a legal online business owner in JUST 3 days for a FRACTION of the price. You will be glad you grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Benefit #3

Get your business question answered during this challenge by KATE and by like minded individuals like you in the comment sections in every module.

Who is this challenge for?

Let's make sure you're a great fit for this challenge!

  • Anyone who's ready to learn and take action on a process that is guaranteed to work only if you are ready to put in the work
  • If you're ready to start a legal business with the right foundation so you never go broke again 
  • If you are overwhelmed and need a step by step guide to build a structural business without wasting time googling or watching a bunch of Youtube videos
  • If you're tired of making effort and not seeing any results

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